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With over twenty year's practical experience in digital printing, on top of my photography training, I scan or photograph artist's original artwork using the very latest high resolution techniques to achieve colour and detail accuracy.
It's a specialist service both capturing the original and preparing digital files for print. It's not just a matter of pointing a mobile phone at it and pressing a button. Anyone can take a picture but getting the right colour and sufficient detail for reproduction is another matter. It needs an understanding of how colour is affected by reflected light, and how a digital processor interprets that light and captures detail. Both digital cameras, and editing software have improved dramatically in the last few years and make a big difference to how original artist's work of any size can be turned into printable digital files as well as display on websites and social media.
You can read more about it in my blog - link at the top of the page.
Examples and references to artists seen here
Photographing ArtworkBrighton Museum OriginalSam Hewitt at Dynamite GalleryColour MatchingDynamite GalleryWe Are the Mods -Alberto MartinezJan IrvineGrant de JongeAmanda WardJan IrvineMick BensleyTiff LynchMia BreuerTim O'BrienStef KerswellPatrick Turner LeeAngela HadrillAida's Art

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